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76374Meeting The General (SPOILER!)

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  • Joseph H
    Jan 1, 2012
      *** SPOILER SPACE ***
      Hello and welcome to the Girl Genius spoiler space version 2.01 (refer to change log for more details) which has been specially commissioned by the Mechanicsburg Department of Public Works and Defensive Wastecan Removal, in order to help retain at least some modicum sanity around here.

      Franz would like to remind you to trim the >'s from your posts when you're replying to this post for the SPOILER SPACE. That way he doesn't have to take care of YOU, too.

      If you haven't read today's comic then what are you thinking of - don't read the spoilers below, go and read the comic now!

      I'll wait, somewhat patiently, here as a collective of inanimate yet intelligent electrons.

      *tap* *tap* *tap*

      Are you back?


      Have you read and digested today's comic?
      --- *munch*
      --- *chew*
      --- *munch*
      --- *nibble*
      --- *gulp*
      --- *wipies face*
      --- *BELCHES LOUDLY*
      --- *Grin*
      --- Dot waz GOOT!

      Good. Now on with the comments...

      *** END SPOILER SPACE ***

      Mama looks like she's been spoiling for a fight for WAY too long. And she also looks like she's going to enjoy herself, too...
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