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76241Re: [Girl Genius] Re: Girl Genius Nov 20, 2011 - "A New Record"

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  • Eric Oppen
    Dec 2, 2011
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      Quoting David Goldfarb <goldfarbdj@...>:

      > On Fri, Dec 2, 2011 at 5:58 PM, petecady <oldblevins@...> wrote:
      >> I think it was Larry Niven wrote an article, a long time back,
      >> about the Superman/Lois Lane relationship and the problems
      >> involved...entitled "Man of Steel, Woman of Putty," if I recall
      >> correctly. Somewhat on point.
      > Yes it was Niven, but it was "Kleenex" rather than "Putty". (And he
      > overlooked the obvious solution of having them consummate their
      > marriage in the bottle city of Kandor, where Superman had no powers.

      It also overlooked the fact that Superman was a regular visitor to
      Kandor...which was a Kryptonian city, albeit miniaturized by Brainiac,
      and populated by Kryptonians to whom Supes was a big hero. My guess
      is that in "off-screen" time there, he got so much action that getting
      away was kind of a relief. "Have pity, ladies! I'm only one man,
      albeit a highly oversexed one!"

      > (Of course, at this point Superman and Lois had had a marriage lasting
      > more than a decade with...no addressing of Niven's points at all.
      > (I say "had had" because it's recently been retconned out of existence
      > as DC has rebooted its universe again.)
      > David Goldfarb
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