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74798Re: [Girl Genius] Re: " --so how are you any better?" --- Its the beer

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  • Jennifer Quail
    May 2, 2011
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      --- In girlgenius@yahoogroups.com, "DARRELLSTEPHANIE" <vvalkyrie@...> wrote:

      When I saw SQUANTO, a movie which came out some years ago, my thought was that the title character had been totally mistaken. He made friends with the Pilgrims and helped them to stay in Massachusetts, in the film; if he had been able to see the future he'd have helped the other Indians shove them back onto the Mayflower and push them out to sea.


      Considering the Spanish, French, and even English had already been there for years (and not a few of the Aztec's neighbors were THRILLED to meet the Spanish, considering they were sick of being enslaved and sacrificed by their very-not-beneficent overlords) that would have been rather closing the barn door long after the horses bolted.

      Depending on who had the Spark and and who didn't (the Mayan were long gone, for example) the entire history of the Americas might have been very different--the people were butchering each other long before Europeans arrived, European tech just  made it a lot easier.  What if the Mound Builders turned out to be the mad geniuses of prehistory?   Or, God help the Anishnabeg, the Iroquois confederacy?   The pre-Colombian Americas were pretty violent places already, and in GG's world it might be they didn't need to wait around for the Europeans to give them better weapons...

      Heck, Asia obviously has a lot more contact with Europe (assuming this is set when it appears to be) for longer than in our world, suggesting neither China nor Japan went the insular route as in reality.  Maybe China's using the North American continent for an experimental proving grounds and worked out a way to keep people out?

      Jennifer (who just remembered mimmoths...what if their REALLY BIG COUSINS still live in North America and have been tamed?  Oh, dear...okay, so I'd totally breed mammoths if I were a mad geneticist.  Because it would be fun.)

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