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7352Re: [Girl Genius] Freaks

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  • Anthony J. Albert
    Nov 1, 2004
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      On 1 Nov 2004 at 7:58, Baralier wrote:
      >No, not the Todd Browning movie.
      >Just reading Kaja's blog about attending the Playground Committee Volunteers: "I
      >spent an evening at a meeting for the playground committee volunteers, and
      >everybody was really nice, but they live in a completely different world from my own. If
      >these people play video games, it's on the level of Tetris. They watch Survivor and
      >Oprah (and not, in fact, cartoon soap operas in Japanese). They've heard of comic
      >books, some of their kids read them. I didn't even bring up the role-playing game I'm
      >writing. I felt like a complete freak. I AM a complete freak, but I was really feeling it the
      >other night. NorWesCon can't come soon enough for me."

      I've never understood the appeal of doing "adult" things like chasing a
      small white ball around several acres, across sand and water, with a
      hooked stick, myself.

      To each their own, is all I can say...

      Anthony Albert
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