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734531 Dec 2010 (with spoilerspace)

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  • Joseph H
    Dec 1, 2010
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      --- SPOILER SPACE ---
      Hello and welcome to the Girl Genius spoiler space version 1.15 (refer to change log for more details) which has been specially commissioned by a large man wearing strange glasses and saying something about being a "gentleman adventurer!" in order to help retain at least some modicum sanity around here.

      If you haven't read todays comic then what are you thinking of - don't read the spoilers below, go and read the comic now!

      I'll wait, somewhat patiently, here as a collective of inanimate yet intelligent electrons.

      *tap* *tap* *tap*

      Are you back?

      > Good

      Have you read and digested today's comic?
      --- *munch* *chew* *munch* *nibble*
      --- *gulp* wipies face
      --- *Grin* that was fun

      Good. Now on with the comments...

      --- END SPOILER SPACE ---

      So... does this mean Tarvek will be Agatha's "governor"?
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