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68035Re: [Girl Genius] Friday spoilers - The location of mechanicsburg

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  • brellchild
    Nov 2, 2009
      > >
      > > As a second side note, I wonder just how far down did VonPinn fall?
      > ...China?
      I fully expect her to be somewhere in this large room.
      If VP threw Agatha *that* way, then VP would tend to move
      *this* way.

      Sooner or later she is going to brush against a side wall,
      which she could easily use via pushing off with her legs,
      to impact the opposite side hard enough to grab hold. She
      might have to ricochet a couple times before she gets a
      good handhold but she certainly could have bounced herself
      sideways hard enough to land next to the hole either on
      this level or another.
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