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68022Re: Friday spoilers - The location of mechanicsburg

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  • kventinio
    Nov 2, 2009
      --- In girlgenius@yahoogroups.com, "quadibloc" <savardj@...> wrote:
      > The Don runs down to the Volga, which then runs to the Sea of Azov, and it appears to be entirely too far East to be consistent with Mechanicsburg's location.

      yes, well, that's true for all those rivers. i listed them for the general feel of local fluvial nomenclature.

      > So, apparently, the Jagers are not the Dyne Cossacks.

      as for the Cossacks not being Jaegers -- sure, but where do you think they got the idea? (i imagine they started by imitation -- big ruthless guys, big hats, big teeth... and it caught on)

      all the same, thanks for the connection, i entirely missed it. pure genius.

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      [t follows:::System override accomplished:::Routin]
      [e 3ERP27DX243 engaged:::Operator disconnected aft]
      [er being reprimanded for communicating while in l]
      [urk mode; handwritten material accepted:::100 cop]
      [ies:::End of dialogue log:::Transmission finish::]
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