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66088Re: [Girl Genius] Re: Happy Fun Ball of Death

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  • Joshua Kronengold
    Aug 3, 2009
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      taoman58 writes:
      >Your analysis of the princess quest (on the part of the prince) and
      >of the summary arc of the Arabian Nights makes me think of one of my
      >favorite stories, "The Marriage of Sir Gawain" which is the Arthurian
      >canon's answer to that age-old question: "What do women want?" And I
      >guess that really is the quest of "Girl Genius" when I think about

      Oh, yeah. (Of course I know the ending to that story. My partner,
      Lisa Padol, did her doctoral dissertation on the Matter!)

      And yeah, the story is certainly apropos to GG.

      >But always remember that in fairy tales and folk legends "beauty" is
      >always more than what it seems to be in the story. Get off the
      >surface and dig deeper; it's because of what you find down there that
      >you like the "simple" story on top.

      *nod* Beauty is a common (and sometimes story-centric)
      handle/attribute in fairy tales--and tales of any sort, really (how
      many lead acresses -aren't- beautiful?) But the sympathetic heroines
      usually have -something- going for them in addition to that--Snow
      White is kind (sometimes, too kind), the ugly stepsisters are -also-
      venal and greedy; Cinderella is a dutiful worker (though really, she's
      a cipher. Cinderella is, rather, the epitome of the story which
      appeals not because of the characters but because it can serve as wish

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