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65111Re: [Girl Genius] So, uh. Friday's comic.

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  • stereo_bis
    Jun 2, 2009
      --- In girlgenius@yahoogroups.com, "Larry Talbot" <lonchaneyjr@...> wrote:
      > Der Schnippe---
      > Unless the bullet, weakened by the pectoralis major (which Gil, like his father, seems to have well developed [insert gawking fangirl sound here]) just got stopped on by a rib. Perhaps cracking the rib too, which I'm sure, would hurt a lot - enough to feel real bad once adrenaline level is down.
      > Die Schnappe---
      > So Gil and Klaus have muscles like kevlar? Then why did Punch throw bolts through Klaus' leg and toso so easily?
      > Actually, there is something to your argument, but it involves caliber of weapon more than muscle density. (snip)

      I think you're thinking waaaaaaaay too much into this. First, we're not dealing with "our universe's firearms", but Girl Genius weaponry. Of course there is bound to be some similarity, but not direct correlation.

      Ok, firstly I doubt prisonners are allowed to bring weapons inside DK. Sure, Pinky's good did, but I don't think they'd have given one to an unknown as Merlot. So where does Merlot's gun from? He either found it, or made it himself. Beyond all talks about if Merlot has broken through (an idea I do not favor), he probably isn't all that gifted at it.

      Secondly, Merlot seems to have a fixation for chalk and cheese. Cheese wouldn't make much damage, so let's go for chalk, which 1) isn't very dense, and thus 2) would shatter if submitted to a too strong acceleration. (Even if armored/shielded/whatever it's called - I'm no expert; I don't know the terminology) From such a short barrel, one can assume a subsonic shot at best. From such a narrow barrel, one can assume a low mass projectile. Add the two, and you get a painful, but not very harmful weapon.

      Of course, it could be a gun he has found the same as the double-gattling walker, and then anything is possible; strongest as weakest. And then we only have Gil's wound to guess what kind of gun it is.

      As for the Baron being hurt by Punch, do remember that Punch also shattered the big guy's (I don't remember how they are called) dome-head, which I suppose to be made of glass, probably a centimeter thick, or close to. This should give you an idea of the impact from Punch's throws. And Klaus was hit at the knee (but not at the torso, just check here: http://www.girlgeniusonline.com/comic.php?date=20040906 for bandages), which has pretty much no muscular mass for protection.

      So sit back, relax, and enjoy the story: Stereo
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