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65110Re: [Girl Genius] So, uh. Friday's comic.

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  • Larry Talbot
    Jun 2, 2009
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      Der Schnippe---

      Unless the bullet, weakened by the pectoralis major (which Gil, like his father, seems to have well developed [insert gawking fangirl sound here]) just got stopped on by a rib. Perhaps cracking the rib too, which I'm sure, would hurt a lot - enough to feel real bad once adrenaline level is down.

      Die Schnappe---

      So Gil and Klaus have muscles like kevlar? Then why did Punch throw bolts through Klaus' leg and toso so easily?

      Actually, there is something to your argument, but it involves caliber of weapon more than muscle density. Arnold Schwarzenagger is hardly bullet proof, despite what you see in a lot of his movies. No, it depends on the caliber of weapon being used. A .22 against a large man does little more than piss him off, unless you get lucky and hit something vital right off. A .357 or .44 Magnum makes a small hole in front and a very large hole in back. Obviously, Merlot wasn't packing major heat if Gil only has a small (though possibly deep) wound on his chest. I would say that, at most, Merlot's weapon was the equivalent of a .32 (deadly if used right, but not a lot of kick). But that would still be pretty serious at point blank range as it was. Then there are the rounds to consider. Hollow point, wadcutters or armor piercing? We can safely rule out the first and last as HP would have fragmented and trashed Gil's heart and lung and AP would have gone all the way through or ricocheted off a bone and really tore Gil up from the inside (nasty side effect of rifling in the barrel.) So we are looking at a Wadcutter or other solid round that goes in, sets up shop, and generally makes a nuisance of it self until removed. Of course, with Merlot as the shooter, it might be chalk or hardened cheese or some other silly thing, but I would wonder where he got it from as he couldn't bring it into the castle with him.

      Uncle Wolf

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