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65077Re: [Girl Genius] So, uh. Friday's comic.

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  • Prof. Zarchne (of Zarkhnistan)
    Jun 1, 2009
      On Fri, May 29, 2009 at 09:19:22PM -0400, Larry Talbot wrote:
      > Gil puts people back together. Zola puts on band-aids. Yeah, she's useful.

      Moloch von Zinzer can also apply first aid, of course.

      And, of course, Agatha is somewhere in between... she knows
      enough surgery to maybe make a really substantial mistake,
      although maybe not my guess of incorrectly hooking up
      Tarvek's pulmonary plumbing.

      I want to suggest again that Zola is an *actress*, however
      cheesy (to use Agatha's plaint); *thence* (or from some
      allied insanity, as reported by Gil) she is able to murder
      in cold blood, because *that's what Heterodynes do*. I'm
      not saying that Zola is a kind of über-minion just because
      it supports the idea that Zola would make an especially
      excellent sidekick for Othar, but it seems to.

      (Interestingly, when I put "über-minion" into Google, TPU's
      Tom Smith (with Deathsheep overlord Fenton) comes up first
      for me.)

      > Actually, what she knows about the Knights of Jove is of far greater importance. When are we gonna find out that Tarvek is behind the Knights of Jove?

      You mean, *immediately* commanding their takeover of
      Mechanicsburg rather than just being... well, rather like
      the King on a chess board? Between what Tarvek and Violetta
      told Agatha, and Zola told Gil, we already have a pretty
      good explication of Tarvek's relationship to the Knights of
      Jove. There could still be some surprises with respect to
      his mother or grandparents, who else is on The Council, and
      other knightly orders -- not to mention complications if and
      when the unrelated factions that Carson predicted show up --
      but I'm not sure what other essential points there are.

      I might like to point out again that (contrary to what I
      first thought when Violetta appeared) I'm pretty sure the
      Smoke Knights (and thus "Grandma", if she's a literal
      grandmother) are on the Sturvoraus side, though the Knights
      of Jove are obviously loyal to the Valois. Not that it much
      matters if they're all enthralled by the Mongfish/Lucrezia/
      Other (/Isis, is my crazy theory)... um... power.

      > He is the Storm King, after all.

      That's a loaded statement.

      > As for Gil, that is one serious wound. From the location it should have nicked the heart and at the very least punctured a lung. We are talking sucking chest wound, here.

      Not to mention the torn rotator cuff the physician here
      suggests he may have incurred tossing Merlot and his
      battlesuit around.
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