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62945Re: Terminology (was: Vanamonde)

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  • Cerrberus
    Apr 1, 2009
      --- In girlgenius@yahoogroups.com, "Sea Change" <nakedkali@...> wrote:
      > Corgi barked:
      > > [snip] Most of the things you all would run around calling crests? Aren't.
      > _________________
      > Sea Change asks:;
      > I know when we had the discussion on all the different
      > badges in Europa a couple of years ago we were
      > calling them sigils. Is this OK, or is this also a "bad
      > doggy"?

      sig·il (sjl, sgl)
      1. A seal; a signet.


      sig·net (sgnt)
      1. A seal, especially one used officially to mark documents.
      2. The impression made with such a seal.
      2. A sign or an image considered magical.

      Possibly sigil? Certainly classier-sounding than 'badge.'
      "We don't need..."

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