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62917Terminology (was: Vanamonde)

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  • Corgi
    Apr 1, 2009
      On reviewing Steven Rewa's posts, as I said I would do....

      > Anyone else notice something odd about his attire? His broach is
      > silver instead of gold. I'm... not sure I've ever seen anyone wear a
      > house crest that wasn't gold.

      I raise this monster horse beastie from the grave using electrodes and lighting just to beat it dead again:

      The Heterodyne Trilobite is not a 'crest'.

      The Wulfenbach Tower is not a 'crest'.

      Most of the things you all would run around calling crests? Aren't.

      A crest is the thing sitting on top of the helmet when you've got the shield (arms) and the swirly stuff around it (mantling) and the beings on either side holding it up (supporters). That's =all= it is.

      What we have here are =badges=. But it's kinda like squares and rectangles, the badge may be used as a crest, but the crest is not the badge. A badge is a symbol of you that gets put on Your Stuff. Your minions, your death rays, your transport, your conduit fittings.

      The misuse of this term is a big fat heraldic Red Button for me, and I will lecture about it at the drop of a... crest. You lot are bright enough to use correct terminology once you're exposed to it. *grin*

      Oyez oyez,

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