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56804RE: [Girl Genius] Re: Der Kestle's Mind games

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  • McClure, Kate (DEX-BLV)
    Jul 2, 2008
      *der schnippe*

      And then I'll remind you about Von Mekkhan's word: "In my
      experience, a strong Heterodyne will take about two hours to truly
      warp the laws of nature." Do we agree that there were more than
      enough strong Heterodyne in history to create semi-intelligent self-
      powered bricks that can assemble into a bridge?
      I can't seem to locate the image right now, but there is a flashback of
      Faustus Heterodyne, in which he seems to be causing some masonry to defy
      gravity. Given such parameters, I would think that various uses would be
      found for such a handy trick. Maybe this particular SparkToy is part of
      what makes the various rooms in Der Kestle move around? Would be handy,
      that . . .

      Kate Mcclure
      In the minds of the Mad, rules are impossible, thus the impossible
      rules. - M.E.

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