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56797[Girl Genius] Re: Der Kestle's Mind games

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  • Thomas Sounness
    Jul 2, 2008
      > > A bridge of books - to a library. It's just awesome.
      > They look more like bricks to me. No cover marking, no clear
      > distinction of cover and pages, and the final pathway looks gray
      > just like the walls.

      I feel it is a masonry brick path, as a bonus the song 'long and
      winding road' appeared in my mind when I saw it. That and a big cheesy
      grin ... I lurve this series.

      > Now, how it's manipulating those bricks is another matter. Even if
      > they're metal bricks and it's tricky magical magnetism, vs. full
      > telekinesis, it's kind of a casual display of Heterodyne secret power.
      > (At least in that I don't remember anything like it outside the Castle.)

      pschaw - subvert reality please, since when do we have castles made of
      masonry able to be floated using mere hydrogen. (Wulfenbach) I'll put
      this floating path into one of those Girl Genius universe alternate
      physics moments. Enjoy but just don't think too hard. (positronically
      charged bipolar slate/platinum amalgam's on a magnetic hypercylinder

      I am curious, however, as to the tissue sample/blood sample taken by
      the kitchen ... if it were a sample, is the library a blood library?
      How did the kitchen merge with the Library mind. Is the Library mind
      the master mind, or are we yet to meet the library mind. Is the
      library stacked with the minds and memories of Hetrodynes past ... any
      of the above would be uber-cool indeed.

      thomas (now un-banned for top-posting *YAYS!*)
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