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54135Barry's Impressions (was Re: A few things I've noticed)

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  • McClure, Kate (DEX-BLV)
    Apr 1, 2008
      *der schnippe*

      -As for why Barry didn't trust Claus...Well, first he disappears, then
      some mysterious person tries to wipe out Europe's sparks (I suspect
      Othar must've been somewhere around), there is an endless chaos going
      on, and then Claus reappears only to make a whole empire out of that
      chaos. If they knew about Lucrezia being evil (they took Agatha from the
      Geisterdamen), then why should they risk trusting their old pal, the
      baron? And Lucrezia could have left hints that the baron destroyed the
      Very good points, there. It makes me wonder if Barry is the person who
      decided that he needed more information, and so created the time
      windows. If he opened the first one up on a certain scene (Sturmholten?)
      it would look very, very bad for Klaus. There was enough confusion going
      on that a window might easily be overlooked, especially if it were
      small. The static effect seen when Agatha saw the window in Beetleburg
      would just blend into the chaos on the battlefield.

      Now I'm more curious than ever about those darn windows!
      Kate McClure
      I'm too old to be a fangirl. Can I be a fanbroad? - M.E.

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