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51607RE: [Girl Genius] books (was Re: Von Zinzer)

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  • Kitiara
    Jan 1 6:58 AM

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      Subject: RE : [Girl Genius] Re: Von Zinzer

      * Or maybe I'm just hungry for more of the main story. Don't get me
      > wrong, I love the side stories, but I'm going nuts waiting two days for
      > the next page as it is, waiting for this Weasel Queen thing to finish
      > is going to drive me to drinking.

      I know what you mean. But if taking the occasional departure is what the
      Foglios need to
      do to stay fresh, I'm willing to wait longer for story so that the story,
      when it comes, is
      better. And the Foglios went over a year straight without any short stories
      (May 24, 2006
      - August 24, 2007).

      Still, I want the Girl Genius Perfect Collection tomorrow (and I only want
      to wait that long
      so I can bubble with anticipation today) :P


      On a side note, anyone else have trouble with the quality of the 2nd
      printing of the books? For me book five had most of the pages stuck together
      at the edge (and gently pulling them apart left white patches on the black
      pages :-( ), and book six fell apart before I finished reading it once. The
      others' bindings are suspect too; I think a few rereadings and they will be
      in the same shape.

      Joatmon susan

      -Nonsense, a piece of old coathanger and some duct tape and it'll be good as

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