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50930Re: Knights of Jove suffering from Stormtrooper Syndrome

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  • tater_tot16
    Dec 4, 2007
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      > I personally would be more impressed by a guy who used trickery in
      > case rather than just getting gurped up on testosterone and going
      > there without any kind of backup. But I'm a practical woman.
      > are what matters right? So if you get the result you want /and/
      > to keep from getting seriously injured you win bonus points. I'm
      > willing to be impressed by suicidal bravery when it's just about the
      > only option. Besides, I've always had a soft spot for Tricksters.
      > ern
      > And if I was using a trick, I'd tell everyone it wasn't a trick
      too. :)

      I also love a good hoodwinking, but a *sparky* Trojan Horse by any
      other name...would still shoot lasers out of the eyes and eat its
      foes. And I'm sure the spark creator would be the only one in the
      belly of that beast.

      I think Gil may be operating off of ("gurped up, if you will :p ) on
      testosterone, but I think it is more spark-osterone or ego-mania at
      work here. Besides, there's no "team" in "I will SHOW them, SHOW
      THEM ALL!!" (ok, strictly speaking, "team" is there, but you get my

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