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50920[Girl Genius] Re: Knights of Jove suffering from Stormtrooper Syndrome

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  • dragonland2001
    Dec 3, 2007
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      > I personally would be more impressed by a guy who used trickery in this
      > case rather than just getting gurped up on testosterone and going out
      > there without any kind of backup.

      As would I (it's nothing to do with gender.) As I tell my boys often
      - "Always keep your primary weapon cleaned and oiled" (tapping the
      side of my head.) Or, "A man only has one weapon - anything else is
      an extension of capability."

      Sooner or later, your ability to deal with anything is going to come
      down to how well you use your brains - and people have been forgetting
      that. It's why I prefer being a generalist - gives me a much larger
      pool of data and abilities to draw on when synthesizing solutions to
      difficult problems (the ones that most people tell me are "impossible.")
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