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4847Re: [Girl Genius] OT SUVs (was: Emerald City Comicon)

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  • Mike Boomshadow
    Mar 2, 2004
      Bill Jackson wrote:

      > Of course, there a people who drive the above listed vehicles who,
      > upon getting into the seat and taking the steering wheel/control
      > levers in their hands, allow their maniacal tendencies to take over,
      > and decide to show the ALL! BWAAAH-HAAAA-AAAA! (Crunch)

      There's also the fact that I have yet to see a person who can drive get
      behind the wheel of the Hummer H2 (What? You think this Chevy Tahoe is
      too efficient, maneuverable, and reliable?! We'll fix THAT! Here's the
      H2! Same frame, new crap on top!)


      "Tennis is irrelevant." - Bjorn Borg
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