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4840Re: [Girl Genius] OT SUVs (was: Emerald City Comicon)

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  • ericoppen
    Mar 2, 2004
      --- In girlgenius@yahoogroups.com, Alice Bentley <alice@s...> wrote:
      > >But I've updated the bloggy-thing if anyone wants to read about
      > >Phil's rental car.
      > >http://www.studiofoglio.com/crew/kaja/diary.html
      > In defense of Sport Utility Vehicles, the only really questionable
      > thing about many of them is the gas mileage.

      I'm on the road a lot (very long story) and I see lots of SUVs. This
      being the Upper Midwest, they do make considerable sense---their
      higher clearance and 4WD capability come in mighty handy in the

      About my only real objections to them are the idiots who tailgate me
      at night in them, since their headlights are almost exactly at the
      level of my RV mirrors. I've been tempted to use the spots on my ex-
      cop Caprice for a little retaliation, but with my luck I'd do it
      right in front of a real cop.

      As far as them being difficult to see around---I'd like to see the
      Californians who whine about that dealing with the farm machinery we
      get on the roads around here in spring and fall. S-l-o-w and real
      tricky to get around.

      Oh---I haven't forgotten the group; I am having trouble with my ISP
      and can only read the group online.
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