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4837Re: [Girl Genius] OT SUVs (was: Emerald City Comicon)

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  • Bill Jackson
    Mar 1, 2004
      > Really, the biggest problem with them has been the drivers, who
      > to think the increased height actually removes all the smaller
      > from the road. Or maybe they would drive that way no matter what
      > they chose...

      It's kind of give and take. I've driven heavy equipment: dump
      trucks, asphalt rollers, cherry pickers, road graders, even
      bulldozers (talk about your "go anywhere" vehicle), and you often
      run into drivers (no pun intended) who think that you can see their
      Honda Car if they pull up so they can read the small print on your
      car tag, or position themselves so hey can reach out and touch part
      of your vehicle. There is also the assumption on the part of some
      people that the huge, hulking mass of steel moving along at 30-40
      miles an hour can stop on a dime, or manuever like a sports car. I
      don't believe I need to tell anyone on this list that they don't.
      Of course, there a people who drive the above listed vehicles who,
      upon getting into the seat and taking the steering wheel/control
      levers in their hands, allow their maniacal tendencies to take over,
      and decide to show the ALL! BWAAAH-HAAAA-AAAA! (Crunch)
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