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4833Re: [Girl Genius] OT SUVs (was: Emerald City Comicon)

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  • Susan Fox-Davis
    Mar 1, 2004
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      > >But I've updated the bloggy-thing if anyone wants to read about
      > >Phil's rental car.
      > >http://www.studiofoglio.com/crew/kaja/diary.html
      > In defense of Sport Utility Vehicles, the only really questionable
      > thing about many of them is the gas mileage.

      I'm getting a respectable 24 mpg in my 2003 Saturn VUE, which is big
      enough to give me some useful visibility but small enough to keep me
      from becoming a road hog. I'm in SF Fandom and the SCA so I carry
      around a lot of Stuff, plus my usual overcautious emergency kit. Los
      Angeles being "Shakeytown" and having a wet winter, it's just a good
      idea. I feel cozier just knowing that there are dry socks available at
      all times, don't you?

      Susan Fox-Davis
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