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4829Re: [Girl Genius] OT SUVs (was: Emerald City Comicon)

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  • Alice Bentley
    Mar 1, 2004
      >But I've updated the bloggy-thing if anyone wants to read about
      >Phil's rental car.

      In defense of Sport Utility Vehicles, the only really questionable
      thing about many of them is the gas mileage.

      We bought one of the first cars like them, a Toyota 4Runner, back
      before they invented the term SUV. At that time, the car was
      basically a four wheel drive pickup truck with some passenger seats
      tacked in. We chose it because we often carry a lot of stuff places
      (hucking books at conventions, camping for a week in the mountains)
      and every now and then (mostly while camping) there's been places we
      would have gone to if we thought our old Tercel would have made it,
      but we knew it wouldn't.

      If you have two kids or more (we don't) only the SUVs and the
      Minivans will let you pick up the kids from school while
      simultaneously carrying their hockey gear, soccer stuff and their

      Really, the biggest problem with them has been the drivers, who seem
      to think the increased height actually removes all the smaller cars
      from the road. Or maybe they would drive that way no matter what car
      they chose...

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