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47012Re: [Girl Genius] Re: The KDL's Loyal Opposition

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  • Michael Brazier
    Aug 1, 2007
      rja_carnegie wrote:
      > Benign Sparks without foreign
      > government protection are collected, allowed to work in
      > Castle Wulfenbach's laboratories for a while, and then,
      > as far as we know, it's the slab.

      We have no evidence that this is false.

      We also have no evidence that this is true.

      I think it's more consistent with Klaus' policies towards Sparks that do
      have a government's protection -- the ones who _were_ governments, for
      instance -- for "the slab" to be solely a punishment for misbehavior.
      Just as Beetle was safe in the university while he stuck to the terms of
      his surrender, a minor Spark is safe in the Baron's labs while he sticks
      to the terms of his employment.

      And, really, it'd be bad policy to kill minor Sparks just because they
      are Sparks -- if Klaus did that, word would get out, no minor Spark
      would dare come to Castle Wulfenbach, and all those caught on board
      would do everything in their power to escape, scuttle the Castle, or
      both. Klaus needs minor Sparks, and he needs a secure refuge; if he
      killed Sparks for being Sparks, he couldn't have both.

      Michael Brazier
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