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42976Re: Mechanicsburg Skyline

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  • rja_carnegie
    Apr 1 5:01 AM
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      "Cerrberus" <res1a8o8@...> wrote:
      > [Microwave power from solar space stations]
      > Any word on the power loss of the beam thru atmosphere?

      I presume that microwaves were chosen that would
      work well in this context, notwithstanding clouds.
      This hasn't come up lately, probably because
      there are better alternatives, putting stuff into
      space is still dreadfully expensive, and death ray
      projectors in space are not Altogether A Good Idea.
      (Someone please tell that to a hundred manga authors.)

      > Or routing
      > airflights and bird flocks around the beams?

      Duh. Well, you build the receiver stations
      across the route that migrating turkeys take
      in late November.
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