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42974Re: [Girl Genius] Speaking of Nikola...

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  • Michael Brazier
    Apr 1 2:35 AM
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      jsheikg wrote:
      > and I believe someone on this list mentioned that Valois could have
      > been an alternative line to the French throne that would have resulted
      > in the Storm King rather than Louis XIV the Sun King.

      The kings of France were Valois between 1328 and 1589, when Henry IV,
      the first Bourbon king of France, was crowned. In GG Europa, Andronicus
      Valois seems meant to be one of _those_ Valois, so presumably there was
      an extra French prince born in the 16th century, cutting out the Bourbons.

      Incidentally, if the Salic Law still applies, Tarvek can't claim the
      title of "Storm King" -- his descent from the Valois is on his mother's
      side. Tinka and Moxana accepted him as a Storm King, so they aren't
      paying attention to the Salic Law, but the French nobility wouldn't do
      likewise ... assuming there's anyone left who cares about the laws of
      France, of course.

      Michael Brazier
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