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42275Re: Internet?

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  • jsheikg
    Mar 3, 2007
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      > Given the tech level we've seen, telegraphs are perfectly possible,

      In fact the telegraph is so simple it would be hard *not* to invent.
      It would qualify, like the steam tractors, as non-Spark technology.
      It is also quite robust.

      So we actually need a reason for the telegraph *not* to exist.

      Given the minmoths as an example, there may be some artificial life
      form with an appetite for wire that has "naturalized" and makes wire
      communications next to impossible. Such a creation could easily have
      been produced during the Spark vs Spark Long War to deal with Sparks
      that relied on such communications.

      Heck, it might *be* the minmoths. Those tusks could be effective wire
      cutters. More likely though, it's something that can burrow or fly
      (or both).
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