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41755Re: My submission for "screwiest theory of the week"

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  • Thomas Erickson
    Feb 6, 2007
      Re:Posted by: "rja_carnegie" rja_carnegie@...
      rja_carnegie <http://profiles.yahoo.com/rja_carnegie> >Mon Feb 5, 2007
      6:50 pm (PST) >"David Chapman" <dc@...> wrote:
      >> (origins of Adam and Lilith in the Talmud)

      >I knew this, not very well but I knew it. First marriage
      >didn't work out?

      yeah. he had issues about her wanting equality..

      >Anyway, alhough Abrahamic religion isn't conspicuous in
      >Europe (Goddess worship... is underground apparently),
      >if that much of it does exist then wouldn't those names
      >be provocative? Is it credible they're common names
      >that no one would notice?

      I think it's actually a literary reference. Dr Frankensteins' creation was
      named "Adam". I dunno about the "Bride".

      >It is better than Punch and Judy, and perhaps it's a
      >personal statement - choosing your own name. Now don't
      >tell everyone but although this is my legal given name,
      >I grew up as Robin. Not only that, but I was at boarding
      >school with it. Imagine! Harry Potter only has the Dark
      >Lord to worry about!

      And he alone survived to tell the tale...
      Mad Thomas

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