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41677Re: My submission for "screwiest theory of the week"

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  • aquillion
    Feb 1, 2007
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      tom_brosz <no_reply@...> wrote:
      > Biggest hole in the theory is, of course, that the Jaegers ought to
      > have smelled him out immediately.

      Nevermind smelling him--they would have RECOGNIZED him. After all,
      they knew the Heterodynes personally. If he were Barry, likewise, he
      would have realized who Agatha was--even if he doesn't spot the
      family resemblence, her original ray-gun had a Heterodyne symbol on
      it, she has her mother's voice, Jaegers follow her around, everything
      she makes shows the Heterodyne/Mongfish spark, etc, etc. He would
      never, therefore, have been willing to abandon her to the prince.

      He also would have been well-known among the courts of Europe. No
      matter how good his disguise was, he'd have to realize that showing
      up personally at a performance for one of Lucrezia's primary backers
      would simply be too dangerous; and as one of the greatest Sparks in
      recent history, he would've had ways to avoid it.

      I think he might've known the Heterodynes personally; he certainly
      seems to have opinions about the Baron. But him being a Heterodyne
      just doesn't seem to work.
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