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41671Re: My submission for "screwiest theory of the week"

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  • burning_ut
    Feb 1, 2007
      Unless Barry is suffering from head-bonk-amnesia or something and
      doesn't *know* that he's Barry, I don't he can be Payne.

      My objections (in no particular order, except for putting a 101
      spoiler at the bottom)

      Barry is one of the most powerful sparks of his times (some in this
      group suspect that he was the brains of the H. Boys). Payne is a
      powerful spark, but he's going to Beetle for help and hopes *Agatha*
      can figure out what's wrong with Moxana when he can't.

      Related, Payne says he doesn't trust Beetle. Barry left his niece
      in Beetle's care. If his attitude toward Beetle changed, he should
      have got Agatha out of there. If he never trusted Beetle, why did
      he leave her there in the first place.

      I have a hard time believing Barry would just drop everything to
      start the circus. Yes, the purpose of the circus is noble, but
      would he abandon his niece and loyal retainers to do it? I find
      this particularly hard to swallow because:

      (a) It's a pretty safe bet that Barry was involved in rescuing baby
      Agatha from the Geisterdamen, and is hiding Agatha from them
      specifically as well as nasty people who would use a spark generally.

      (b) Barry has got to know how awful it is for Agatha wearing that
      locket. If he just left her that way, with no intention of trying
      to find a better way to protect and hide her, he's a louse. And
      although I really only have the Heterodyne stories and a few of
      Agatha's memories to judge him by, I don't think he's a louse. I
      firmly believe Barry's failure to return is either because he
      physically can't return or he has reason to believe returning would
      make matters worse.

      (Minor spoiler follows: if you don't want to hear about stuff
      between 101 and the advanced class stop reading)

      Payne doesn't recognize the name Agatha Clay when they meet, which
      Barry certainly should. Even granting that he might try to keep his
      recognition from both Agatha and the rest of the circus, I don't
      think Barry coming across Agatha would act as Payne has. Barry went
      to great lengths to conceal Agatha's spark. Whatever his
      motivation, finding her walking around locket-less, he would want to
      find out what's going on and try to get the situation under control
      again. Payne tries to get rid of Agatha as quickly as possible.
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