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4101Re: Dr. Beetle & Dr. Mongfish

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  • sirruthvenmurgatroyd
    Sep 2, 2003
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      --- In girlgenius@yahoogroups.com, "Dava" <dizzydava@a...> wrote:
      > > > Am I the only one who thinks that Dr. Beetle looks exactly like
      > > an
      > > > older Dr. Mongfish sans the obviously mechanical left hand?
      > >
      > > Ah, the perils of black and white comics. Dr. Beetle is a
      > > dark-skinned gentleman, Dr. Mongfish is light-skinned.
      > >
      > > --Kaja
      > Aww, drat! That totally blows the theory I posted way back when I
      > first joined. Now I'll have to deconstruct my whole understanding
      > the GG universe. :P Honestly, I was fairly convinced that Beetle
      > was Agatha's grandpa.
      > But isn't DuMedd dark skinned, and related to the Mongfishes? Or
      > should I not poke and prod too far with my rusty instruments?
      > Dava

      I haven't noticed anything in the published GG materials which would
      prevent Dr. Beetle and Dr. Mongfish from having at least one common
      ancestor to account for the physical resemblance. Given the
      established tendency of Sparks to behave like aristocrats and marry
      people from other "Sparky" families, and the fact that Lucrezia was a
      former student of Beetle's (indicating that Beetle and Mongfish were,
      at least, not-enemies), a relationship seems at least as likely as
      not, IMO.

      Sir Ruthven Murgatroyd
      23rd Baronet of Ruddigore
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