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40141Re: [Girl Genius] Time to quit?

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  • burning_ut
    Dec 1, 2006
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      While I understand, and to a limited extent share, people's
      frustrations it really isn't getting that serious for me. I'm still
      having fun and have confidence that things will move to a
      satisfactory resolution.

      For me the switches and reversals have been dizzying and yes,
      sometimes frustrating, but they have remained convincing (at least
      to me; I know others are feeling the strain on their credulity).
      The characters have seemed true to themselves, and I'll tolerate a
      lot more in plot reversals if I believe that the people involved
      actually *would* do the things that cause the complications. Also,
      I feel like things are making progress. It's two-steps-forward-one-
      step-back progress, but it doesn't feel like two-steps-forward-two-

      It's also helped that I've tried to stop predicting what will happen
      next (note that I haven't stopped trying to predict; my self-control
      isn't quite that strong :P) I'm almost always wrong about where
      things are going to go, and just letting it flow I find is more
      relaxing than trying to figure out how it will get resolved

      I think that we might be seeing an area where the web-comic model is
      a disadvantage for the professors (and for anyone else trying to do
      long-form comics with a page at a time update schedule). I think
      that if I were getting the exact same story delivered to me in 30-40
      page chunks it wouldn't seem as drawn out. That doesn't mean that
      the people who are thinking about quitting wouldn't be right now
      thinking about not buying the next issue, but for me I think it's a
      big source of what frustration I do feel.

      So personally, if things get really bad for me, my first step will
      be to drop to a bi-weekly or monthly reading schedule and see if it
      works better for me that way. For now, though, I'm happy to put up
      with my fits of frustration and keep on getting what's coming as
      soon as it comes.
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