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40120Re: [Girl Genius] Time to quit?

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  • nagromo
    Dec 1, 2006
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      "Dylan Bruns" <dbruns8705@...> wrote:
      > I am starting to think it is about time to quit,
      > unless something good happens.

      Here's another option: instead of reading at every update, just read
      every few months, reading a big chunk at a time. It really helps with
      slow-moving, somewhat annoying storylines for comics you otherwise
      like. That way the tension isn't nearly as bad and it seems to move
      faster (as long as you don't spend tons of time thinking about it in
      the intermediate months). I've considered doing that for this comic,
      but I haven't yet. It really works well, though; that's how I read a
      few of my webcomics.

      I think Klaus is affected by the wasps. I really like Klaus, but I
      think he's going to go away for good soon. At some point, the Foglios
      said they initially didn't expect Klaus to last very long.

      I'm sort of sad at what I see as Klaus going away, but it'll create
      some very interesting possibilities with Gil.

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