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40088Re: [Girl Genius] Time to quit?

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  • Garry Wiegand
    Dec 1, 2006
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      crmrogan wrote:
      >Is anyone else ready to just quit reading because of *too* many
      >convoluted and disappointing plot twists and not enough Agatha?


      Except: I've been disappointed for about 3 volumes at too many plot twists
      and not enough *clanks*!

      Traditional sci-fi plots are easy to come by in the world. I don't find
      them all that interesting any more. The mundane ones all blur together and
      are forgotten. Because of the convolutions, GG's plot may be
      extra-forgettable in the end.

      What I originally found delightful instead about GG was the creativity
      shown with the Victorian clank concept. *That* was exceptional. Nowadays
      except for an occasional dingbot all we've had going is mind-control (with
      no mechanism), and robots. Both mind-control and the robot concept have, I
      think, already been worked over rather thoroughly in the literature.:)

      There has also been an unusual opportunity to do something creative with
      the "construct" idea, but except for Krosp, the vague hive entities, and
      the gentleman with four (six?) arms, all our biological constructs have
      been relentlessly humanoid.

      And recently the Victorian scenery has been barely existent - except for
      the summoning engine, we've had just Generic Medieval Town.

      But I still very much like GG's humor and bright graphics. The graphic for
      the circus tableau this week was especially nice. And GG does still take me
      delightfully by surprise sometimes (for example, when I found the hut of
      Baba Yaga putting in a cameo appearance.)

      It's just getting kind of really tedious waiting through The Dark Plot.
      Would very much rather be seeing more Delightful Cool Places. And more
      Unusual Machines (That Do Something Other Than Just Go "Zap".)


      PS - Anyone here know Little Nemo? There was a little darkness there, but
      what made it memorable were the scenes. GG's artistic essence is also in
      the scenes.
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