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39239Re: 101 spoiler Klaus Infected?

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  • rja_carnegie
    Nov 2, 2006
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      --- In girlgenius@yahoogroups.com, "David Kastrup" <dak@...> wrote:
      > You don't stay ruler of the world by picking
      > any fights you don't need to start in the first place.
      > Klaus has no idea how many revenants in full possession
      > of their capacities exist. If he can contain them through
      > Agatha, he would be a fool to start a war on them.
      > In fact, they might be even more useful to him than
      > non-revenants.

      I think Klaus can estimate the revenant population from
      the numbers that were found on Castle Wulfenbach, and from
      where they came from before.

      I think the only people who wouldn't expose a revenant
      are their own family members. If people are scared of
      Sparks then they must be more scared of revenants,
      pod people after a fashion.

      A catch is that the world does not know yet that there
      are non-shambling revenatnts, so it will indeed look as
      though Agatha is leading a popular uprising of democratic
      expression against Klaus and he's gunning them down.
      His own forces won't be happy about that.
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