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39175Re: I knew Dupree was smart!

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  • Michael Lehmeier
    Nov 1, 2006
      > I'm still giving it my best to find a fault in Dupree's argument.
      > As of now, no dice.

      I do.
      She automatically assumes that any servant of the Other automatically
      has to be a revenant, which seems to be true most of the times but not
      always. (see Aaronev)
      Still, I think this is the general assumption. I doubt that Bang knows
      that sparks can't be infected. Maybe even Klaus doesn't know.

      So, Dupree's argument may be faulty but is still reasonable.


      Did I just use "reasonable" and "Dupree" in the same sentence?

      Besides that, this strip pretty much confirms what was suspected: Things
      can probably only end in a happy end if either Agatha or the unedited
      message reaches the Baron. Only a misinformed rescue party could prevent
      that. Let's hope it doesn't come to that.

      What has changed are the stakes: Before today I thought that Sturmhalten
      was doomed regardless of what Agatha does. But now it seems that
      Sturmhalten is only going to be destroyed if Agatha or her message
      doesn't get to the Baron. This isn't about Agatha anymore. It's about
      the people of Sturmhalten.
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