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  • rja_carnegie
    Oct 1, 2006
      aquillion <no_reply@...> wrote:
      > numerous clanks (like the Search Engine) move
      > on four legs

      Nope, two. Look again at

      If you're really, really in a hurry,

      Having said that, it moves more like a cartoon tyrannosaur
      than a human, although with larger hands than T. rex.

      Perhaps the "imprinting" theory only applies to Sparks'
      unconscious creations. When you're awake, you can think
      analytically and discover the advantages of multiple legs.
      I also wouldn't expect all the dingbots to follow a rule;
      they are built out of available materials, converted from
      existing assemblies, and they take inspiration from what
      they find. Some bodies require three or four legs instead
      of two. Some bodies already have legs. Some take wheels...

      In fact... is creating in your sleep, typical behaviour
      for new Sparks? Or just Agatha, whose Spark was unnaturally
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