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  • jsheikg
    Sep 30, 2006
      > If this were true, then the wingbots would be non-functional,
      > since Agatha lacks both propellers and wings. And looking
      > back, at least two of them had no legs, and one depended on
      > a single wheel instead:
      > http://www.girlgeniusonline.com/cgi-bin/ggmain.cgi?date=20060605
      > Plus, numerous clanks (like the Search Engine) move on four
      > legs instead of two.

      I didn't say imprinting limited behavior, it's just the starting point
      using the most natural mode, and the natural mode covers a great deal
      of functional territory. *I* can walk on all fours (poorly), drive a
      car, and I've learned to ride a bicycle, but I wasn't designed to do
      any of these things. Humans are designed to work bipedally but we can
      learn to do other things as well, even fly (with a great deal of
      enhancement). There's no telling what I could do with a purpose
      designed body, but I bet I wouldn't quit trying to move just because I
      found myself with a propeller and no legs, especially if I had a
      mission to perform.
      BTW the Search Engine *did* use two legs, and two legs are prefered
      even when used on something as big as the gunboat Vienna. Clanks are
      purpose built, so if there was a *requirement* for four legs, or
      wheels, or tank treads, or just an articulated body, that's how the
      Spark would build it and let the clank figure out how to walk, roll,
      crawl, or squirm.
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