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34452Re: [Girl Genius] Gil's Mom

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  • god
    Jun 5, 2006
      Adam Canning wrote:
      > On 1 Jun 2006 at 23:11, jsheikg wrote:
      >>> The only problem is that Klaus is explicitly against attempts to
      >>> contact the Americas.
      >> I assume this is said somewhere between 101 and Advanced.
      >> If he said *why* I'd like to know.
      > Back issue 4 in the Article about the Status of the Americas.
      > "He refuses to subsidise any furthur attempts that would divert men
      > and resources from the rebuilding of Europe."
      > "His official policy at this time is to leave the Americas to their
      > own devices until they are ready to communicate with us and in his
      > own words to be 'damned well ready for them when they do.'"

      it's not so much that he's "against" attempts to go there, but if you
      have the actual comic you can see the ABSURD sums of money the
      researchers sucked out of his coffers to fail miserably at the attempts
      doing so... so it's really the FINANCIAL drain that he's objecting to,
      but i'm sure that if anyone could do it cheaply with him financing it,
      or even better do it entirely out of THEIR pocket, he'd go for it in a
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