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31375Re: Are we sure this is Lucrezia?

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  • rja_carnegie
    Apr 1 12:57 AM
      --- In girlgenius@yahoogroups.com, arondell <no_reply@...> wrote:
      > Yes I noticed though on second page that they show two images of
      > Goddess". Those two images don't really seem very much alike. The
      > hair color in particular stands out.

      That's not all the images - there's a stylised Goddess image
      at the top of the page of Geisterdamen history, and in the
      chapel there are figures which are either Goddess images
      or, I guess, saints.

      Hair colour seems to be highly variable in Girl Genius ;-)
      But the picture where Lucrezia's face /isn't/ wider than
      high stands out as different...

      And it could be a different body and still Lucrezia...

      > Several of the things she
      > mentions on that page imply that she has been around for a long
      > Also titles like "Eternal Lady" and lines like "No matter how long
      > her abscence from out presence. We knew she would return to us."
      > Make whoever this entity is sound very old indeed. Certainly much
      > older then I had the *impression* Lucrezia was.

      It's been a long time for the Geisterdamen - I think
      it is generations - but I think time technology is
      involved. For instance, if Lucrezia has access to
      another world, either artificial or natural, where
      time runs at a different rate - and she also commands
      them to develop her designs; they don't have Spark
      but they can work things out the slow way. Or if
      she's using a time machine - and there have been
      those manifestations of apparent time machinery.

      I'm also taking time travel as an explanation of
      The Other's prophecies, which run up to the time
      of Lucrezia's capture. Suppose she escapes again,
      uses the time machine (wherever it is) to pass
      messages back to her previous self, and then carries
      on with the plot in her present day.

      I wonder if she's already changed history... maybe
      in an original "time line" the Geisterdamen were
      wiped out as she was captured, but thanks to her
      "prophecies" enough of them survived to be a
      present-day threat.

      For that matter, maybe the time window is the
      only way she visited Geisterdamen history before
      her own lifetime, and she gave them the holy
      blueprints for her war machines a thousand years
      in the past.

      Given the electricity that you get off a time window,
      they probably also make nifty assassination weapons.
      Tune in to someone you don't like in the past, and
      zap 'em.
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