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2983[Girl Genius] Re: Bummed, but SO WHAT?

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  • Allison E. Kaese <lady_aylinn@yahoo.com>
    Jan 7, 2003
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      --- In girlgenius@yahoogroups.com, "Kirsten Houseknecht"
      <kirsten@f...> wrote:
      > hi Allison!
      > i took a hiatus from this list for a couple of weeks.. or five...to
      > deal with business and find someone i know on the list when i get
      > back!

      Yup. I lurk in lotsa places. I try to restrain the posting urge.

      > i suppose i should cue some mad scientist ranting about this.. but i
      > am a bit too tired.

      It's been that kind of winter. Voice? I have no voice. It went on
      christmas vacation and hasn't come back yet.

      > how are things going on the publishing end of things over there?
      > Kirsten

      Same as any end of things. panic at too many projects, not enough
      staff and/or money and/or resources and juggling everything in sight.

      Oh, and Did I mention the tap dancing? _Lots of that._ Can anybody
      tell me where to get copies of Ardsley or Boris? I'm not proud. I'd
      take a few Constructs too. Too many things, not enough me.

      And I missed issue 7! <grrrrhhhh>

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