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2955Re: [Girl Genius] Re: Bummed, but SO WHAT?

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  • Susan Fox-Davis
    Jan 2, 2003
      <snort> Neofan. I got the Star Trek Primer as a stand-alone fanzine,
      with more episodes in it, long before the Startoons excerpt. I only
      have one copy of D'Arc Tangent though.

      Susan Fox-Davis, tired old fanne

      Brooks Rowlett wrote:

      > Gads but you guys are making me feel old. I first heard of Phil
      > Foglio at
      > Rivercon in Louisville and from seeing the "*Star Trek* Primer" in the
      > paperback
      > collection of SF comics called *Startoons*. It was a pleasant
      > surprise to start
      > encountering his stuff later in gaming.
      > Brooks A Rowlett
      > Current owner of two copies of *D'Arc Tangent*
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