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28312[Girl Genius] Re: Possible Spoilers

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  • aquillion
    Feb 25, 2006
      --- In girlgenius@yahoogroups.com, "Blade" <elbereth@...> wrote:
      > --- In girlgenius@yahoogroups.com, John Reiher <kedamono@a...>
      > > Maybe Barry or Bill slipped her a mickey... OK, a shot of
      > > is more than a mickey, more like a Donald Duck...
      > ROTFLMFAO! As long as as you're not calling it a Goofy ...
      > > What better way to change her loyalties?
      > Hokay, we now have some possible reasons for the defection of a
      > Geisterdame:
      > 1. She came to her senses; she saw the validity of opposing her
      > Mistress (a possible first Jenka Theory)
      > 2. She was slipped a Donald of Jägerbrau and "taken over" (the
      > Jenka Theory)
      > 3. She fell in love with someone on the other side (the Gil's Mum
      > 4. She was injured and reconstructed -- with or without intentional
      > loyalty alteration? (The Von Pinn Theory -- may relate to #1.)
      > What other possibilities are there ...? Let's see now ... Maybe
      > was always and still is a loyal, non-defected Geisterdame? Towhit:
      > 5. She thought she was doing the right thing for her Mistress at
      > time, but either it turned out differently than she expected, or she
      > repented of it at leisure.
      > 6. Whatever happened was an accident. Hoo-boy, ve knowz how a
      > exzident ken heppen, hey boyz und gorlz?
      > 7. Something unforeseen happened, and the gate plus papers were
      > collateral damage to salvaging what she could, and making the best
      > a bad situation.
      > What other possibilities have I missed?
      > Any of these last three, and I could see it perhaps being Vrin.
      > The idea that Jenka might have once been a Geisterdame is ...
      > intriguing. It might even work, if she's a Jägerised Geisterdame --
      > which woulmight explain Jenka's face-wrap and her affinity for
      > on/bonding with an animal <waves at Füst>. Perhaps de Boyz have
      > direct experience with Geisterdamen after all ...?
      > Blade @;7

      There was one I posted a while back: If it was Von Pinn (assuming
      she IS a former Geisterdamen etc etc), she might have balked at a
      plan that effectively involved killing a child (in this case, Agatha.)
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