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2680Re: [Girl Genius] Musings on Issue 8

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  • Theala Sildorian
    Dec 1, 2002
      On Sun, 1 Dec 2002 07:04:11 +0000, Dava said:

      >Wait a minute, Gil! Why is Othar dangerous to Agatha??

      Othar isn't dangerous to just Agatha . . . he's dangerous PERIOD! He
      thinks he's a great hero, and probably "rescues" people who aren't in any
      danger, or wouldn't be but for him. I can't think of anything more
      dangerous than someone who thinks he's a hero, and has to spend all of
      his time proving it.

      >Does the clank play music while speaking, or are his words somehow
      >musical? I wonder where he takes poor Othar.

      I definately thot the clank was singing--much like an opera. As for
      Othar--I'm sure we'll find out in upcoming issues. :)

      >Klaus and the Jagers fall into "Heterodyne Adventure" mode. I
      >laughed so much at how they interacted in this part. And Bang really
      >is crazy if Von Pinn doesn't frighten her. Even Klaus tries not to
      >upset her.

      Yeah, Klaus really looked happy, didn't he? :)

      Great issue! I can hardly wait for issue 9!

      Amy G. Crittenden aka Theala Sildorian
      Home of the Unofficial Champions Home Page!
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