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25851[Girl Genius] Re: Possible Spoilers

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  • Blade
    Feb 1, 2006
      --- In girlgenius@yahoogroups.com, John Reiher <kedamono@a...> wrote:
      > Maybe Barry or Bill slipped her a mickey... OK, a shot of Jaegerbrau
      > is more than a mickey, more like a Donald Duck...

      ROTFLMFAO! As long as as you're not calling it a Goofy ...

      > What better way to change her loyalties?

      Hokay, we now have some possible reasons for the defection of a

      1. She came to her senses; she saw the validity of opposing her
      Mistress (a possible first Jenka Theory)
      2. She was slipped a Donald of Jägerbrau and "taken over" (the other
      Jenka Theory)
      3. She fell in love with someone on the other side (the Gil's Mum Theory)
      4. She was injured and reconstructed -- with or without intentional
      loyalty alteration? (The Von Pinn Theory -- may relate to #1.)

      What other possibilities are there ...? Let's see now ... Maybe she
      was always and still is a loyal, non-defected Geisterdame? Towhit:

      5. She thought she was doing the right thing for her Mistress at the
      time, but either it turned out differently than she expected, or she
      repented of it at leisure.
      6. Whatever happened was an accident. Hoo-boy, ve knowz how a leetle
      exzident ken heppen, hey boyz und gorlz?
      7. Something unforeseen happened, and the gate plus papers were
      collateral damage to salvaging what she could, and making the best of
      a bad situation.

      What other possibilities have I missed?

      Any of these last three, and I could see it perhaps being Vrin.

      The idea that Jenka might have once been a Geisterdame is ...
      intriguing. It might even work, if she's a Jägerised Geisterdame --
      which woulmight explain Jenka's face-wrap and her affinity for riding
      on/bonding with an animal <waves at Füst>. Perhaps de Boyz have
      direct experience with Geisterdamen after all ...?

      Blade @;7
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