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  • gaertk
    Oct 1 12:00 PM
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      Got a few questions about the
      cut-outs...<br><br>The figurines: how do you assemble them? I've seen
      similar things in the past, but there you make a half
      slit in each part, that slide them together in a X
      shape. But these look like you're supposed to fold the
      smaller part twice on the lines, but I can't decide which
      way. And what works best for attaching them? Glue,
      tape, staple, paperclip, other?<br><br>Dirigibles:
      cutting them out isn't a problem, and I figure paperclips
      would work well for hanging them, but how the heck do
      you race them?<br><br>Any ideas how to get the
      mimmoths to stand up?<br><br>And finally, do the Foglios
      want to comment on what cut-outs we can expect in the
      future? Castle Wulfenbach would be really cool (probably
      take 3-4 issues), and I've been thinking of using the
      action figures for chess (mimmoths as pawns, of
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