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1712Issue #7 -- those apparitions

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  • David Goldfarb
    Sep 1 1:34 AM
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      Minor spoilers....here's some protection

      Being at Worldcon, I was able to talk to Phil about issue #7. I pointed
      out that the time portals that Bang saw didn't generate electrical sparks
      and stuff like the thing we saw in issue #1. He screwed his face up and
      said, "Shit. Thanks for pointing that out." So I think we can take that
      as confirmation that they *are* the same kind of thing.

      I mentioned that it was a darn good thing for Agatha that Bang hasn't met
      her yet, and so couldn't recognize her. He pointed out that they are on
      the same airship.

      Phil also said that the portals are from years in the future. At the
      rate that the issues come out, therefore, I surmise that we probably won't
      see them for a decade or more....

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