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1497RE: [Girl Genius] Checking In

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  • Clint Black
    Aug 2 6:21 AM
      >We are also working on a Role-Playing sourcebook for Girl Genius,
      >although I'm not sure that I'm supposed to be mentioning the
      >system yet.

      Well, I know what it isn’t. Savage Worlds. Though I desperately wish it
      was. My guess is GURPS. It is, after all, where a proto-Agatha made her
      first appearance.

      >By Summer of next year I hope to be caught up enough with the
      >publishing that I can leave the house and visit the conventions
      >again. I might even bring the monkey, he has been taught to scream
      >"Fools, I will destroy them ALL!" and is therefore finally
      >presentable to our peers. Cheyenne and Savannah also taught him to.
      >shout "It's SCIENCE!". Children are so much fun.

      I like it when they get into “yes” mode.

      Did you have fun today?


      Did you play with your friends?


      Did you have a good nap?


      Did you assassinate Archduke Ferdinand?



      Clint Black
      “No quote for you!”

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