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1496Re: [Girl Genius] Checking In

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  • secretofblue
    Aug 1, 2002
      --- In girlgenius@y..., Joshua Kronengold <mneme@i...> wrote:

      > studiofoglio writes:
      > >We are also working on a Role-Playing sourcebook for Girl Genius,
      > >although I'm not sure that I'm supposed to be mentioning the
      > >system yet.
      > Others may want GURPS. I really want and think that BESM would be
      > appropriate, on a huge number of levels.
      > Mostly, though, any sourcebook in a storm; the text is lots more
      > than the numbers.



      Joined the list on Wednesday, and just in time
      for not only an update on the compilations, but gaming
      as well!

      Second vote for BESM. I'm switching over from
      FORGOTTEN FUTURES to BESM for the Victorian
      Sci Fi rpg I'm running. Though they have very similar
      mechanics, BESM is a bit less, well, fatal. Though your
      mileage may vary. But any source book would be

      And on the topic of gaming, have you thought of a
      28mm scale set of Official Girl Genius Miniatures? Not
      that I'm associated with either Eureka or Parroom
      Station Miniatures, but they both produce extensive
      VSF lines. New stuff coming out all the time!

      Legions of CLANKS & J√ĄGERMONSTERS chasing
      player-characters across the table. ~sigh~

      Just a thought.

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